Off Camera Flash | Lighting 101

Thank you for visiting and showing interest in our "lighting 101" class. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of how "light" can increase the value of your work whether your using strobes or speed lights. The class will be held at our studio which is located at:

220 E. Forsyth Street Suite I @ 10:00AM | Sunday the 17th of July

The class is scheduled for 120 mins with a Q&A session.

I will be teaching a class on studio lighting for Beginner to Intermediate level photographers. We will work with lighting setups with 1-3 lights. We'll go over different beauty lighting setups such as Clamshell, High Key, Hard Light, etc.

We'll go over light modifiers such as beauty dishes, octaboxes, reflectors and large parabolic umbrellas.

You must have some basic knowledge of how to set your camera in manual mode and manipulate your iso, shutter speed & aperture as I will provide everything needed, bring a Godox/Flashpoint trigger if you have one. We have 3 at the studio as there will be some live shooting on hand.

Lighting 101 | Off Camera Flash

Lighting 101 | Off Camera Flash


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1 light set up

In this image, I used one light which was located to the camera right.

2 light set ups

For this image, we used 2 lights that were placed to the side and 15 degrees behind the model.

3 light set ups

This was accomplished with 2 side or rim lights and one main light boomed above the model but pointed 45 degrees down.