Full vs. Mini Sessions. What's the difference?


What's the difference?

Before we deep dive into this section, I would like to thank you for visiting Mike Jackson Photography where we create memories, not photographs!

The reason I decided to create this particular blog was to explain the differences that you may not see, between our portrait & mini sessions. We receive ALLOT of inquiries and the above mentioned is probably the most common of all questions that we get, DAILY! From a photographer's standpoint, I nailed the explanation with extreme prejudice but in comparison, I might as well be a cardio surgeon and just explained how I'm going to repair your aortic valve.. SEE??

The process of how we approach, start, follow through and complete each and every photography session is the same. However, the difference lies within the fine details which are noticeable but barely seen! Sounds crazy but our approach when editing is to provide a glamour type of look while keeping the subject as natural as possible.

With our mini session,

We provide:

  • Color corrections
  • Cropping

which increases an photographs overall value by at least 50%

With our portrait session,

we include the options from the mini session but we don't stop there. We perform the following additional services which may sound easy but is no easy task.

  • Skin cleaning (removing blemishes and imperfections)
  • Teeth and eye whitening
  • Make-up contouring
  • Highlight creations
  • Clarity
  • Physical prints

These are images from various mini session

(These are non-model clients)

Cropping & color correction

Cropping & color correction

Cropping & color correction

The images below are from various portrait sessions. (None models)

Retouched image

Retouched image

Retouched image

Some will see the differences while others will not but this is the reason that we provide options for you to chose and make the best decision for you.

I would like to thank you for your time and visiting Mike Jackson Photography