Prepping for your Family Photography Session

What to Expect.

My goal for every family session is to capture the true essence of your your family’s personality! A photo where everyone is looking and smiling are nice (and definitely wall worthy), however, it's the in between shots that inevitably become everyone's favorites.

Our fall/holiday mini sessions are scheduled to last around 20 - 30. So we suggest to allow your children to "have their way" up to the shoot. Doing this will no doubt drive you crazy but greatly reduces the chance of them with being photographed with the dreaded "pouty face" look during the session. If you think your kids need snacks (bribes…kidding, kind of but not really) bring what makes them happiest. Kids will typically determine how the session will go and how your final images will look like!

What to Wear.

This is always a big stress (usually for the Mom!). We find that causal is the way to go.

Just a few tips to keep in mind:

  • If you decide to wear white tops, I suggest bringing them on hangers. This will all but eliminate the chances of getting it dirty. Especially for small children. I will provide a change tent that you can enter and chance. I will also have a standing mirror on site so you can make sure everything okay!
  • Think comfort!
  • Have light and or funny conversations on the way to your session! If your already in a good mood, the smiles will become more natural.

What-To-Wear Suggestions

To coordinate or match is the question, that is the question?

For fall session, think earth tones which are brown, beige, mauve, burnt orange, etc.

For holiday sessions, we suggest reds, gold, black, green, etc.

We can only make suggestions but you make the final decisions. Whether you're wearing matching outfits of outfits that compliment each other, it's our job to make sure you look your best in the photos.

What to bring.

For the parents or adults, the best thing to bring is a positive attitude and a big smile & for the children, ANYTHING THAT WILL KEEP THEM HAPPY! If you're bringing your pet, bring treats and doggie bags. We will be outside so if you sweat easily bring a hand towel (micro fiber works best as it doesn't leave traces of lint behind).