Thank you!

For visiting Mike Jackson Photography. As part of our rebranding, we are now including printed images with several of our packages and for those that do not have that option included. Prints can be selected ala carte.

What makes your prints better?

Honestly, The fact that Mike Jackson Photography took the images will make the prints better, honestly! But to answer the question, Our prints will differ because we are providing a different type of print. Our printed images are what I like to call flush mounted photos. Our flush mount prints are backed by a 1.0mm thick, rigid substrate core, making for a smooth, flat viewing surface, solid weighty feel and unmatched durability. The core is made of a modern material called PS, which is

much more environmentally friendly than the PVC cores used by most other companies.

Again, We thank you for your patronage and for visiting Mike Jackson Photography. Please share our page with friends and/or family if they're in need of photography service. If they book with us, you could get a cash referral bonus. Please click onto this LINK to get additional information or If you have any questions, please email us @ MIKE@MIKEJACKSON-PHOTOGRAPHY.COM